New World will allow 3rd party mini maps

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For those who want to avoid New World’s current compass for the more standard mini-maps in most MMOs, New World’s Scot Lane has confirmed that the game will allow third-party options to do this. The game director also explained the reasoning behind the compass in the current game, and why it seems that third parties can make mini maps, and it takes longer for developers to do so.

Ryan talked about why the minimap was not implemented in the beginning, and the team chose the compass-based navigation system currently used in the new world.Creating a mini-map is not a high priority for us now, because we have other projects that we feel are more urgent. The high-level reason is that we are worried that it is consistent with the new world's action fighting style and world design. It may break the sense of immersion, may limit the motivation to explore, and there are technical limitations. We feel that the compass meets the needs, fits the environment, promotes exploration, and supports combat.

Ryan said that the current situational awareness of combat is one of the key factors that make the minimap not necessarily effective. Instead of focusing on the game area, the team is worried that their eyes will be fixed on the minimap. The team is also concerned that including minimaps may undermine the immersion they are trying to create in the MMO. Aeternum was built with landmarks, roads and vistas to promote exploration, not to mention those key elements may be off the beaten track. If we have a small map, it may change the behavior of the open world and may eliminate the natural exploration that occurs in the game now.

However, Ryan admitted that some players prefer minimaps, so the Amazon team stated that they will not prevent players from using third-party plugins, such as Overwolf minimaps. Ryan also confirmed in the forum post that no players have been banned for using the plugin. The team also does not rule out building their own mini-maps in the future, especially if this is the case for MMOs. But for now, this is "not a high priority" for the development team. In fact, players can Buy New World Coins on the official website.

The New World had an exciting impact on the MMO industry when it first launched in September, although bugs and exploits have extinguished the excitement it first launched.

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