How to Select The Right Air Freshener

When choosing an air freshener 3volution , the first step to go for usually is the fragrance.

When choosing an air freshener 3volution , the first step to go for usually is the fragrance. You don’t want to enter a room with an unpleasant scent. Like a stuffy office room with no ventilation and the stale smell of a microwaved hotpot lunch fermenting the airflow. Your choice of air freshener should act as both a perfect companion to employee happiness and productive workflow. But that’s not all.


While buying an air freshener you must consider the size of it as compared to the size of your car. If the size is too big, there is a possibility of buildup of scents in your car. Apart from that it doesn't look good either.


There are multiple types of air fresheners including plug-ins, vent sticks. sprays, gel based etc. Know the type you would want to prefer or simply try different types to find your favorite. Each of these diffuses at different pace.

Durable and affordable

Durability and affordability are really important factors while buying an air freshener. Never compromise on the durability and try to get the one that's easy on your pocket.

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