Bills in the last Madden 23 Super Bowl sim

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Philly is getting ahead of the teams however. They are currently averaging odds of +2000. That makes them in Las Vegas' eyes, the sixth-highest probability of winning the NFC. Some of you are probably saying 'big deal' Mut 23 coins. They'd be the sixth-seeded team come playoff time and the second-best teams in the league (the Dallas Cowboys have odds of +600). It's likely where most of you slotted them anyway.

If you're a 'the glass is half-full' type of person, this shouldn't affect your mood any. It wasn't that long ago that this team had finished their 2020 NFL regular season with a record of 4-11-1. so knowing that Philly has a stronger roster this year and is expected play in the playoffs will be great news. The question is. When will the Birds be seen as a Super Bowl favorite again? Because we do not have an answer to that (and we've got plenty of time on our hands) We sought assistance from the Madden simulation. Let's make it clear how.

If the game is as authentic of a sim as Electronic Arts would like for players to believe and it is, then the Birds might not be as far from football's ultimate prize as many of you think they are. The Eagles are defeated with overtime, losing to the Bills in the last Madden 23 Super Bowl sim. In the last season the Birds played as many of us expected. They beat the teams they were supposed to beat (with the exception of that horrific loss to their rivals the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium). They fell to teams that we thought were more superior. Often, when the latter took place, they were defeated well.

The next step, should they succeed will be to take on some of the top NFL teams and doing it consistently. Can that be done this year? There isn't a means of knowing the answer to that before we see the season commence and the games start being counted towards the total of wins and losses however madden nfl 23 coins, we thought it would be interesting to allow our colleagues at GLA conduct a Super Bowl simulation.


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