Recommended facial massagers

Here is the recommended popularity ranking of facial massagers based on our comparative study.

Here is the recommended popularity ranking of facial massagers based on our comparative study. Please note that we have weighted each of the items we examined to create this ranking.

LL Skin MIO2 face lift massager

High level of functionality. The shape is easy to adjust the amount of force and fits comfortably in your hand.

The LL Skin MIO2 face lift massager, which uses a specially shaped diamond-cut massager, reproduces facial muscle kneading by pinching the skin with exquisite pressure. Another feature is that it captures light and generates micro-current, a weak electric current.

The massager movement is a little heavy, which may not be to everyone's liking, but the stability of the pressure and ease of movement are at a high level, close to a perfect score.

The fact that it is easy to adjust the amount of force, and that you can feel that you have gotten a good care even with light force, was highly evaluated in terms of usability. The thin handle, which thickens from the bottom to the top, is comfortable in the hand, and the light weight makes it easy to carry around. Some of the monitors felt a slight pulling sensation on their skin, but basically, they could roll it smoothly and pinch their skin without any problems.

Mitsuwa Ubitamago IV

The round shape is easy to grip, even for professionals. Gentle pressure is applied.

The three stainless steel balls can be rotated 360 degrees and are designed to prevent damage to the skin. The three stainless steel balls can be rotated 360 degrees to prevent skin damage, and the balls can be easily removed after use for easy cleaning.

The most notable advantage is that the unique shape makes it easy to grip. It is not too heavy and fits comfortably in the hand, so it is easy to hold and move, which was highly praised by both professionals and monitors. By moving the body in a circular motion, you can firmly apply it to important points such as the neck and eye area, showing its high functionality.

The ball rolls smoothly, and all the monitors said that they were able to clean their skin without getting caught. It was also praised for its comfortable pressure that feels as if it is being gently pressed.

MTG ReFa I STYLE Facial massager RF-IS1818B

It doesn't have a lot of wiggle room, but the comfortable pressure makes you feel good

The ReFa I-Style has two types of wings of different sizes on the massager. The massager is equipped with two different sized wings to simulate the tapping technique used by professionals to gently massage the skin.

It takes some getting used to in order to apply the massager to small areas such as between the nose and eyes, but its functionality was highly praised for its pleasant touch. The massager does not pinch the skin, but rather taps it up, so it can be used as a finishing touch after using other massagers.

Since it moves smoothly without any tugging on the skin and can be applied lightly, some of the monitors said they would like to use it while working at their desks. The handle has a bulge that allows for a firm grip, so it is perfectly usable.

Multifunction facial massager

The decoration of the massager is a bottleneck. However, the power level is easily reflected.

multifunction Facial massager is a product designed to generate a weak electric current by capturing light from solar panels. The "one-point protrusion" on the tip of the handle can also be used to press pressure points.

The protruding part at the tip is also comfortable to use, but the decoration on the massager may rub the skin depending on where it is applied, such as around the mouth. This is a problem for people with weak skin due to concerns about friction, so we settled on a slightly above average rating for functionality.

Some monitors felt friction in the massager decoration, but we like the fact that it easily reflects the amount of force and the handle has a moderate bulge that makes it easy to hold. The pressure is low, so it is suitable for people who want to care for their skin with light application.

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