Where to Find A Weed Flavoured E-Liquid in the UK?

Weed flavoured e-liquid, better known as CBD e-liquid here in the UK is a type of vape juice that you can vape using a vaping device or vape pen.

Weed flavoured e-liquid, better known as CBD e-liquid here in the UK is a type of vape juice that you can vape using a vaping device or vape pen. 


Unlike CBD vape oils, these vape juices are low-strength cannabis solutions that have the same composition of ordinary e-liquids, but with the slight exception of CBD (or medicinal cannabis) instead of nicotine or other flavourings.


While CBD Vape oils maintain anywhere between 55-70% of CBD content, CBD e-liquids contain only upto 10% of CBD making them suitable for users who don’t want a stronger hit but mild effects even if they vape more often.  


What is a CBD e-liquid?


Just like ordinary e-liquids, weed flavoured e-liquids are also made from a base mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), along with natural terpenes for flavouring, and cannabis extracts instead of nicotine.


While the ratio of PG to VG determines the type of vaping experience (i.e. the more the VG, the thicker the white plume of cloud, the more the PG, the more the flavour, but with a slightly harsher smoke at the back of your throat), the terpenes is what gives it the smell and flavour, and cannabis extracts give it either the element of “high”, or “health” depending on what cannabis compound you use.


For instance, in the US where cannabis is allowed for recreational use, THC is used. THC is the main psychoactive compound of cannabis that’s found in abundance in marijuana and is responsible for that “high” feeling.  


In the UK however, since cannabis is only allowed for medical use, THC is prohibited to be used in large quantities, instead CBD the main medicinal compound of cannabis is used which is abundant in hemp. So all cannabis products in the UK are derived from hemp and thus are CBD dominant. And hence the name CBD e-liquid here in the UK!


Similarly, e-liquids made with marijuana, like in the US, would be called marijuana e-liquids.


Where to find the best CBD e-liquid in the UK?


CBD e-liquids are available for sale in both online and offline marketplaces here in the UK. They come in various quantities, flavours and CBD concentrations. 


My personal favourite being the Paso CBD e-liquids as they come in both 10ml bottles and 1ml vape cartridges making it compatible with your existing vaporiser devices or a vape pen respectively. 


At present, they have two flavours - Amnesia Haze and Mango Kush - in both the formats that you can choose from depending on the type of vaping device you have or want to use.


For more info or placing an order, please click on the links above and we’d be happy to help!

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