working with instagram

Instagram is a popular space that, in addition to communicating and sharing experiences, is now a great place to do business and make money. Therefore, knowing the basics of working with this popular software can pave the way for many businesses.

The first of Instagram tricks is to know when your friends' Instagram page has been updated. Of course, we all have one or more people on our list of followers who are very important to us and we like to see each of their posts as soon as they load; Or one of your favorite Instagram pages wants to announce the terms of their contest on a specific day and you want to be the first to participate in this contest. The question is, how can these updates be notified?


Instagram provides such a possibility to users. You can ask this app to notify you whenever your loved one shares a post. To use this feature, all you have to do is enable the Turn on Post Notifications option for each of your desired users.


To activate this Instagram trick, go to the desired page and click on the ... sign (3 dots) in the right corner and select.




working with instagram


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