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Telegram can be considered as one of the big competitors of WhatsApp in Iran and even the world. WhatsApp has been growing steadily since 2013, adding features such as calling or web chat to its system, but Telegram has features that simply cannot be ignored.

One of the unique features of Telegram is that it allows users to send files up to 1.5 GB! This means that you may get this bulky media and lose all your internet volume. In fact, if you have not disabled the automatic mode of receiving media, with Wifi connection, these heavy automatic media will be downloaded, which will definitely include the end of the Internet volume! Users in Telegram have the option to choose which type of media they want (for example, video or Gif photo or audio and…) to receive automatically. The wisest thing to do is to deactivate all the options and if the media was important to you, download it immediately and to your liking.

It is possible to disable automatic download for both wifi and mobile data modes, and to do this, just go to the following path and proceed with the settings according to the photo:

Setting Automatic media download

Note that in this section, sections such as Autoplay Gif and Save to gallery are available or secret chats are one of the useful and popular features of Telegram. This section can provide complete security of your chats by end-to-end encryption. You can also set a timer to delete your message while chatting in this section. self-destruct timer is a feature that will allow you to. In fact, if you are the head of the company and you want to exchange an important password, be sure to use this section and be sure to consider a deletion timer for it.
Hide recent views for your audience
The ability to hide the latest activity in Telegram is very similar to what is defined in WhatsApp, but in Telegram there are other features in addition. For example, you can not consider this feature only for a specific audience, in other words, that particular career is excluded and will be able to see your watch online (or vice versa, in fact, it depends on your choice). By disabling this section, users will be approximately informed of the status of your last activity and will not be able to know the exact time you are online, for example with phrases such as "recently viewed" or "last week" and… your online status. will have.
In this section, you will be able to set your recent viewing time for everyone (Everybody) and then select users from the add exceptions section who do not want to be able to view your recent views. If you select Nobody or Nobody, no one will be allowed to see your last hours. Similarly, if you add a user's exceptions, that person will be able to see your last hits. The Contacts option only targets the audience, and other ordinary people will not be able to see your online hours on Telegram.



telegram tricks




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