working with telegram

Because Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp and there are practical and innovative features in this social network, many people prefer to use Telegram.

Significant internet savings
With just a simple setup, having a lot of Telegram friends along with membership in various groups and channels are one of the most important reasons why your phone's data internet or the wireless internet you connect to it is like ice that is exposed to the intense summer sun. Get as fast as you can! This causes many people to leave their groups and channels due to the high volume of their content. Some people who can not afford to buy the Internet prefer to give away the gift of Telegram and abandon the use of Telegram altogether! But to solve this problem, there is a small setting in Telegram. The reason for the high consumption of the Internet in Telegram is the automatic receipt of images, videos and voice messages in groups and channels, while you may not want to see many of them. As a result, it is enough to prevent them from downloading automatically. Enter Settings for this purpose. In the Automatic media download section, you will see three options that are related to setting this item in the phone internet, wireless and internet roaming. Just enter any of the items you want and uncheck all the options. From now on, the received images and videos will be blurred and you need to click on them to watch or listen to them. Clicking on it starts the file download process and then you can view or listen to the desired image and video or audio message. With this small adjustment, you will see that every month, the amount of internet you consume decreases.
Change phone number in Telegram
Another interesting trick of Telegram is the ability to change the phone number with which you registered in Telegram. After working with Telegram for a while, you may not want to work with the phone that you first registered in, or for example, you intend to transfer or sell your phone line, or you have bought another new SIM card and you want to work with Telegram with that number. . Telegram has a small setting for such situations, with which you can change the number registered in your Telegram account in a few short steps and transfer all your Telegram account information such as chats, photos and videos to a new number. Note that by changing the phone number in Telegram, your previous number will be removed from Telegram altogether. Your contacts will also be notified of your new number and can see your number. To change the phone number in Telegram, first open Telegram and enter Settings.
Prevent unwanted addition to groups
Are you tormented by the fact that acquaintances and strangers are constantly adding you to various channels and groups? There is a simple solution to this problem. First, touch the Privacy and Security option in the Settings section. The Groups section has been added here, select it. This section is set to Everybody by default, which you can set to My Contacts so that only your friends can add you to Telegram groups. Also at the bottom, if a number of friends and list members still add you to Telegram groups without permission, you can define the Never Allow exception list so that they can never add you to groups and channels unintentionally. If the section above is on My Contacts, you can select the person from the list by touching Add User in the Never Allow section.





working with telegram




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