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Because Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp and there are practical and innovative features in this social network, many people prefer to use Telegram.

View the contents of the desired channels without subscription
As you know, in order to follow the content of Telegram channels, you must first join them. Subscribing to the channel will send you hundreds and maybe thousands of articles, photos and videos daily, and in addition, channel managers can view the list of their channel members and even send them messages. This can sometimes lead to spam and unwanted messages from strangers. But there is a secret trick so that you can view the content of that channel without becoming a member. The channel manager can not notice your use of the channel and in fact you are not a follower of the channel. For this purpose, it is enough to write the username of the channel along with the @ sign in the text of a close friend's chat (or type and send the username of the desired channel on your chat page using the same basic "send to yourself" trick). Then click on it to enter the desired channel. Now you can see that you can see the contents of the channel without clicking the Join button. In the text of your chats, there will be no history of your membership in the channel and receiving new content
Delete contact
Telegram has a list of hidden and server-oriented audiences; This means that if you have saved contacts on any device you have already activated your account with, they will be saved on other devices connected to your Telegram account, even if your device is new and has no previous contact! This is both an advantage and a great weakness. Its big weakness is the inability to remove it from the Telegram server, which is eliminated by using the following trick. To delete the desired contact, touch the contact's image on the chat page with him. Then, when the contact's personal information is opened, tap the three-dot mark at the top right of the screen, then tap Delete to remove the contact from your friends list forever.
Complete deletion of your previous Telegram account and activities
If for any reason you want to delete your Telegram account, all you have to do is go to and enter your mobile number and click Next. An instant message will be sent to your Telegram account containing a password. Now just enter the received password in the Passwords section and click on Sign In. You will now be taken to a page where you will be asked why you deleted your Telegram account. Just type I do not use Telegram sometimes (or anything else) in the Why are you leaving section and click Done. Now to be sure, you will be asked a question that you must select Yes, delete my account. Now your account and activity history in Telegram will be completely deleted.

Send by yourself!
You may also download a sticker pack and try to check the contents of the pack to see if it fits your audience. Or, for example, you want to upload a video, but there is a history that the uploaded video is silent or does not play at all! So it is better to upload it first in a place that others will not see! Plus, if you, like me, always make a note of the important things you need to do during the day to get them listed, you can use this trick to keep a private notebook in Telegram. Be. You can even use this trick to transfer files from one device to another, and you can actually use your own page such as external memory or online disk. As you know, normally you can not send a message to yourself in Telegram, but you can add this feature to your Telegram using the simple trick below. Follow the path below to access your page. First, if you do not have a username, create one for yourself. To do this, go to Settings, Info, Username and select it (the default option is None). Choose your desired username and of course your existing one. Now you can enter this username after the @ sign on the page of a close friend (for example, if your username is namnamak, write @namnamak) and click the submit button. The typed text should be displayed in blue. By clicking on this text, you can go to your profile and by clicking on the message mark, enter your PV and say and write and send whatever your heart desires! In addition to selecting the Username and the above method, there is another way. All you have to do is save the phone number with which you are a member of Telegram in your mobile phonebook with your name, so that like the new friends who join Telegram and you see them in the Telegram application, you will find yourself in your Telegram. And send a message and file for yourself.
Upload images without loss of quality
If you are careful, when you send an image in Telegram, the quality of the sent image automatically decreases, and in fact, the image that the recipient of your message receives has a lower volume and, as a rule, a lower quality. Of course, this is an advantage and makes the images to be downloaded and viewed much faster and less internet volume is consumed. But sometimes you want to send an image to someone so that they can print it after receiving it. This is where we need to prevent telegram image quality from declining. In fact, the recipient of the message should receive exactly the file you sent, without resizing or changing its quality.


telegram tricks




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