Goal Essays

Is writing an essay the kind of activity you find boring?

Goal Essays

Is writing an essay the kind of activity you find boring? Now you will find that it also can be extremely exciting! Everybody likes to talk about himself, and once you are given a task to write an essay on goals, that’s what you need to do!

Here are some of the ideas recommended by 1essaywritingservice.com/, you might use.

Shiller once wrote: “The man grows proportionally with his goals”. Except for this one there is a whole lot of sayings about the aims and goals, and every single item can be interpreted in different ways. Choose a proverb or a quotation and discuss it in your essay on goals. Add the examples from your life – your paper will become alive and bright. What goals do you have? What goals did you have to give up and why? What aims are still there, in your life, waiting for fulfillment?

They also say, that if you need to reach something, you can use any means. What do you think about it? Are there any goals, which are worth of any price? Here you can not only speak about yourself, but discuss political matters as well: for instance, speak about the wars in common. Are the invasions so important a goal that millions of human’s lives have to be put onto its altar?

Also, talk about the point of view, that those, who have no goals in life do not live but exist. Do you think that a goal is a permanent part of our life? Once we reached one goal, we pass on to another. Explain it from the scientific point of view – human beings always strive to something; they have three types of goals to fulfill… Develop this idea in you essay on goals, too.

“Not those are blind, who can’t reach the goal, but those, who pass by”. It is a famous saying of Laroshfuko, and it might as well be the key sentence of your paper. Did you have such moments in your life, when you were almost there, almost reaching your goal, and then a sudden feeling came to you and you just passed by it? Describe these issues in your essay on goals; write your opinion on the reasons for it.


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