Madden 21 Sliders Guide

Sliders can adjust the CPU to act in a way that is more acceptable or fun for you. You can make it more or less realistic, or just make it zany.

Madden 21 is back and is just as Madden as ever. Sliders are back once again and retained many of the same features from last year’s edition of EA’s popular football franchise. Madden 21 sliders will give you an authentic simulation of NFL football on Franchise Mode and more. It is the best way to create that life-like NFL action.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to use sliders and what they do in Madden 21.

How To Set The Sliders In Madden 21

In the configuration of the game, we will find the first type of Sliders, being accessible to them through the main menu and the game options. Here, you will find the multiple tabs of customization that we’ll be adjusting, you’ll see a few options that will contain sliders for you to play around with: Penalties, CPU Skill, and Player Skill. Player Skill will affect how well or not well human-controlled players play, and CPU will affect the AI.

For example: adjusting the penalty sliders will change the frequency of specific referee calls during the game. If you don’t think False Starts is called enough, you can crank that up.

As for XP, it is also possible to use Sliders. You can get to this menu while in Franchise by tabbing over to Options and then picking Sliders and then XP Sliders. There, you’ll be able to set the XP% for all positions with the default being 100% or normal gain. Some players adjust them because they feel that the default progression of players is out of whack, or because they just want to make progress their favorite players easier or harder.

You can also mess around with the sliders for your specific league or save from this same menu as well in case you want it to be different from the default settings you set above.

That’s all you need to know about how to use sliders and what they do in Madden 21. It is evident that knowing how to play with Sliders allows us to have more fun and control in Madden 21.

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