NFL players will participate in Madden video game competition

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This should have been a star-studded event in Las Vegas. Instead, the 2021 Pro Bowl will be held in a virtual location. The league announced on Tuesday that players will compete fiercely in the Madden NFL '21 video game. Fortunately, if you Buy Madden Coins, this will help you quickly Improve strength.

As a sign of the times, EA Sports Group and the National Football League have teamed up to create a week-long virtual duel series, which includes celebrities, football legends and active players, leading directly to major events-the best players in the league. between. The exact date of the game is still being determined.

The NFL is working with Disney-owned ABC and ESPN to work out the details of the broadcast schedule, but the event will be broadcast on all major social media channels. EA Sports is the most natural choice for launching this virtual event because it reaches the key demographic targeted by the NFL, the millennial generation. For EA Sports, this is an opportunity to develop Madden from a video game into a more interactive way of sports consumption.

Bruzzo said that this experience will look similar to a real-world professional bowl game, with a virtual version of Allegiant Stadium and an important position for sponsors such as Verizon. Starting on Tuesday, fans can vote for players they think are worthy of Pro Bowl honors. NFL players and coaches will vote on December 18. The choice of the Pro Bowl depends on the unanimous vote of fans, players and coaches.

The selected players will still receive rewards and bonuses based on their contracts, as well as gift packs including customized personalized Pro Bowl jerseys and MUT 21 Coins. The pandemic has brought an unexpected boost to the video game industry. As people are trapped at home, they are turning to video games to overcome the cabin boom. According to the NPD Group, by the third quarter of 2020, overall consumer spending on video games in the United States will reach 11.2 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 24%.

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