How Instagram Feed Algorithm Works in 2020

Many people and brands buy Instagram likes from USA while going with ads, which is not really a good strategy.

Instagram is a storehouse of huge data which keeps on doubling every minute. For many people who think the Algorithm remains the same or it changes weekly, the precise answer is, it changes with the change in data. Instagram can be really at times, but acing Instagram is a cakewalk if done the right way! Let's discuss the latest 2020 Instagram Algorithm.


Instagram algorithm closely watches tour activities and your relationship with your followers. This new algorithm is said to be a roadblock for small creators. The entry of the new Instagram feature, Reels, which is a 15-second short video feature, had a massive hand behind twisting the algorithm. Instagram is becoming more versatile day by day. Big data, big challenges!


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The new algorithm has made it a little harder for new-bees to be seen. Save and Share are very important to be salient whereas, likes and comments are given a very less priority. Comments and likes are now limited to just boosting the morale of the creator. While save and share will bring you a new audience. According to the new algorithm, your followers must turn on the notifications in order to be seen. This is a tedious job for sure.


How do you do it?


  1. Solve a problem: The selection and execution of your niche play a big role here. Always try to show people they haven't seen. Competition is gigantic, so is the opportunity. Uninteresting content will surely terminate your growth. Some people buy Instagram followers USA instead of focusing on good content. It sometimes gives a great boost but not always works.


  1. Create flow charts and diagrams: Flow charts and diagrams are attractive, take less time to go through and easier to grasp. Posts with flow charts and diagrams increase the chances of your audience to SAVE the post.


  1. Emotionally engaging: Emotionally engaging posts hold the followers for a long time and increases the number of Shares. Encouraging and relatable posts makes the audience feel connected. In short, developing a strong sense of connection is the goal.


  1. Celebrate with others: Whenever big pages or big influencers have a post appreciable enough, you should repost it. This increases your chances of flaunting yourself before a larger chunk of audience exponentially.


  1. Use hashtags: posts with hashtags get 2x more engagement than posts without. 11+ hashtags make your post perform and reach better. Do not repeat the hashtags. Be patient sometimes it works, sometimes it just doesn't.


  1. Know when to post: IG insight is a great tool. Every time before posting check your IG insight and know when most of your audience is active, post typically 1-2 hours before that. So you get to appear when they are scrolling.


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Need 6 to 10 comments on the post which contain both words and emojis before running an ad on the post to make it perform better.

An ad takes 1 week to read the type of people it should show the ad to, and perform better after that. whereas if you already have 6-10 comments on the post before running the ad the algorithm knows which people are interested in it and will try to show the post to a high engaging audience. And the reason it has to contain both words and emojis and not just emojis is that if a same number of emojis are repeated many times by many profiles Instagram reads it as spam which leads to ad failure sometimes. Many people and brands buy Instagram likes from USA while going with ads, which is not really a good strategy.


How do you do it?

Cross-promotion: High Instagram exposure of your Instagram account means more number of interactions and if the targeted audience likes your work, you grow!


Reply to comments, DMs: In order to grow and not lose followers, interaction should be from both sides. Replying to comments and Dams as soon as possible helps to solve problems and connect efficiently


Raise questions: Raise relevant questions in your stories, post captions to get the viewers intrigued and thereby comment on your post.


Always add a CTA (call to action): call to action creates a sense of excitement and emergency. Right Call to action makes you get potential followers. It is very vital that your CTA is relevant with respect to what you post.

Final words

For many people thinking organic growth is dead, stop demotivating yourself. If you put in hard work and make your content interesting you can beat any tricky algorithm. Work on your content. Different algorithms may always be around the corner, it is on you how to adapt and make the best out of it.

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