'Path Of Exile'Reveals Three Epic December Events

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As one of the six characters, the player finds himself exiled for misconduct against the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast in the past. When exploring the barren continent there, they will encounter hundreds of opponents full of loot and mysterious artifacts. Players will be able to POE Currency Buy to obtain in-game privileges, such as additional victory animations, costumes and special effects.

With an open and flexible skill and item system, random items and random dungeons, the game is expected to achieve three visceral fighting gameplays, and other expansions are planned. Grinding Gear Games announced that it will hold three epic events in Road of Exile in December 2020, and end the year with an explosion. These events include a week-long chaos event, a week-long endless yearning event and a three-week robbery flashback event. These events can ensure that the holiday spirit stays strong before the end of the robbery league and the launch of Path. In January, Exile 3.13 Focused game expansion.

Starting at 12pm PST on December 4, the week-long chaos event will be improved by acquiring classic exile path modifiers from past league anarchy, invasions, breakthroughs, ambushes, tortures and pioneers Start at 11. There will be one of the following situations: 20 rogue hooligans, 20 safes, 20 invading bosses, 20 violations, 20 tortured spirits or 20 pioneers, and the MOD will be changed every hour.

The one-week Endless Delve event kicks off a week later on December 11th at 12PM PT, taking place entirely in the Azurite Mine. In this unique event, players will start to plunge into dangerous darkness with some starter equipment. Players will be able to obtain passive points usually obtained from missions and bear Kitava's resistance penalties at various levels of threshold. Players can use climbing altars or Buy Exalted Orb in the mine camp to upgrade their characters, while Eli Lilly Rose and Nico can provide skill gems. The player will face the darkness alone. good luck.

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