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At the end of this year, the path of exile should be very busy. Grinding Gear Games recently announced that in December, three epic events will "take over" its award-winning online action RPG. According to the developers, the event includes a week of chaos events, a week of Delve Endless events, and a three-week Heist flashback event to stay in action until the Heist League is closed and the next extended version 3.13 is launched. Players can use POE Currency to quickly upgrade in these several events.

The operation began on December 4, the beginning of the "chaotic event", which will include classic Path of Exile Alliance modifiers, such as Anarchy, Invasion, Breakthrough, Ambush, Torture, and Pioneer, pushing it to the limit. In each area of ??the game, players will be able to encounter one of the following situations: 20 traitor exiles, 20 safes, 20 invading bosses, 10 rifts, 20 tortured souls or 20 pioneers. Every area in Wraeclast (The World of Exile) will have one of these modules. The mod of each area changes every hour.

Delve Sem Fim is the second one-week event that will start on December 11th and will only be held at the Azurite Mine. The developer explained: "In this case, players will be able to use some early equipment to start offensive in dangerous darkness and use passive points for tasks." Book fines will also be effective. The upgrade altar can also be used in the mining camp to upgrade the character.

Finally, we also have the Heist Flashback event, which will last for 3 weeks, starting at 6 pm on December 18, Brasilia time. During the event, every area of ??the game will have popular Mods from past leagues, and players can Buy Exalted Orb to enter the challenging power and glory competition. "Together with Heist, there will be a random selection for each area in Wraeclast.

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