RNA Extraction: Points You Didn’t Know

Experts suggest that DNA, RNA, and protein extraction are the basic and among the most efficient methods used in molecular biology.

Experts suggest that DNA, RNA, and protein extraction are the basic and among the most efficient methods used in molecular biology. These bio-molecules can be effectively isolated from any biological material for subsequent downstream processes, preparative and analytical purposes.

The following methods consist of several modules, which can be individually modified to maximize yields in the extraction of DNA and RNA or separation of the pools of DNA. Currently, multiple methods can be used to extract pure bio-molecules, such as solution-based and column-based protocols.

This technological high-quality RNA extraction kit allows a high throughput of samples; the yield, purity, reproducibility, and scalability of the bio-molecules along with the speed, accuracy, and reliability of the asset should be maximum.

RNA Preparation And Analysis

Various research into optimizing RNA preparation and analysis has identified several points in the process that can be commonly improved and overlooked.

  • Choice of technologies that are used to prepare the RNA.
  • Storage of the prepared RNA sample.
  • Treatment and efficient handling of samples prior to RNA isolation.

Most of the traditional RNA purification procedures occur in the presence of inhibitory agents or phenol-based compounds designed to lower the potential risk of RNA degradation in a sample.

There are a number of RNA preparation technologies that are widely available in four general techniques.

-         Spin basket format

-         Magnetic particle method

-         Direct lysis method

-         Organic extraction method

Though all of the above mentioned can be used to prepare high-quality RNA suitable for a wide variety of analyses, there are some factors to consider before choosing RNA extraction products online.

  • Is the sample challenging to manage?

Tissues that are high in fatty issues and samples with a high amount of inhibitors can present particular problems.

  • The number of samples you need

Large sample sizes require kits that contain measurable chemistries. Usually, it has been noticed that the larger the sample, the lower is the throughput.

  • What type of throughput is required

Some formats are particularly and specifically well suited to higher levels of throughput and automation processes.

Also, remember that RNA quantitation is an important and necessary step before most RNA analysis methods. Therefore, in order to get the most from your RNA isolation process is a must. High-quality experiments require high-quality samples, and maximizing the yield of non-degraded RNA isolation is the critical key.

As mentioned above, there are many specialized methods of extracting out pure DNA, RNA, or protein. Therefore, the majority of the protocols have been developed into commercial kits that tend to ease the biomolecule extraction process.


Bio-molecule extraction has helped scientists and researchers manipulate molecular biology analysis to have a better understanding of the biological materials of the earth.

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