Sailor receives three important Awards at the Bangladesh Brand Forum

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Sailor, a fashion retailer brand from Epyllion Group has achieved three important prizes in the Bangladesh Brand Forum by the sixth edition of the Bangladesh Retail Congress In the classes of Greatest Instore Design and Greatest Retail in trend Attire classes, and Honorable Point out for Greatest retail marketing campaign 2021.


  1. Sailor has won three highly prestigious awards from Bangladesh Brand Forum. Courtesy: Collected


Sailor is an incredibly well-known brand for lifestyle in the fashion sector of Bangladesh that is aimed at sailing life. As a fashion label, Sailor is known for its distinctive design and variety of collections. Making fashionable clothes and accessories for every age. They stand in a crowd with their unique fashion sensibility and style statement.


Sailor celebrates all celebrations and seasons with a stunning range of items that are created in-house, as we are one of the most extensive design teams that can deliver an amazing new style each season.


  1. Sailor is renowned for its unique design and the variety of collections. Courtesy: Sailor

The 6th edition of the Bangladesh Retail Congress, crafted around the theme "Designing the Future of Retail" was held on 22 and 23 October. 


The 1st edition of the Bangladesh Retail Awards 2021 also was held on the last morning of the conference awarding various organizations with awarding of 26 winners and 14 Honorable Mentions from various categories.


Epyllion Group is an established name within the Bangladesh RMG industry. Epyllion was founded in 1994. Since then, it has been manufacturing and exporting knit clothing. It is a state of advanced vertically integrated garments manufacturing facility that provides customers with a single point of contact for the buyers from Europe as well as America, Europe USA, Asia and Africa.

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