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When you visit Oahu, there's something for everyone, and it's one of the reasons the island remains the most visited one in Hawaii. When you're deciding what things you'll do, the choices are wide-ranging. If time allows and you want a day outside the Honolulu area, consider taking one of the private North Shore boat tours people love. They're the ones where you see marine life up close, beat the traffic, cruise under breathtaking sunsets, and ride big waves. Many are offered as adventure tours and are ideal activities for the entire family. If your kids yawn at many things, they'll pay attention this time.

Rigid inflatable watercraft with advanced designs and fast, smooth rides have changed many people's impressions about boat touring. They're ideal for fast-moving ocean adventures that take you from point to point with less delay and more fun than ever before. When you ride with experienced local captains who know all the hidden gems, it makes your experience that much more memorable. You'll see (and do) a lot in less time than you ever imagined possible. When you sign up for a private tour, you can select the itinerary and visit all the spots you'd like to see with no distractions from others aboard.

If seeing sharks is on your list for an Oahu visit, you could go cage diving. But that's a bit much for many people, and they'd prefer to see them in other ways. When you're aboard a tour boat, you can visit the exact spots where the cage diving takes place but see the sharks from the security and comfort of your tour boat. The same goes for other marine life, including dolphins, sea turtles, birds, and more. When you're out on the water with a captain who knows where the wildlife spends time, it's easy to visit those spots and see them all. It's why ocean adventure tours become more popular every year.

There are many things to do on land while you're Oahu as well. If it's your first visit, you'll want to tour Pearl Harbor and walk Diamond Head. The Honolulu area has world-class shopping and dining for those who are interested. You can also visit rainforests and see volcanoes while in Hawaii. You can visit often and never run out of things to do. Understanding more about native Hawaiian culture is a priority for many people, and it's fun and educational to attend a luau. It's something everyone should do at least once. When you're eating out, don't forget to order fresh-caught seafood that's a local specialty.

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