How to do Slowmo on Capcut?

Without giving it, a second thought, let's get started with the ultimate step by step guide on how you can do a slow mo video on your favourite Capcut app.

Slow-motion, which is commonly abbreviated as slow-mo, is a video editing technology that can slow down and increase the length of a video. This effect is used to view specific effects or parts of the video that are eye-catching for a longer time. This feature of making slow mo videos is growing quite popular with time. Capcut editor also provides this feature, and you can use this app to make that trending slow motion video.

Without giving it, a second thought, let's get started with the ultimate step by step guide on how you can do a slow mo video on your favourite Capcut app.

There are two different ways through which you can achieve your desired results:

How can you make a smooth slow motion in capcut?

  1. Create a new project:- Open the capcut app on your device and tap on the new project. Browse through your camera roll and ass the desired video.
  2. Mute and cut your video:- You can mute your video by clicking on the mute clip audio button on your screen. You can cut the video section that you want to be made into slow mo by using the split option.
  3. Open the speed menu and then adjust it:- Tap the cut part of the video and then open the speed menu from the bottom. You can do a slow mo in Capcut editor in two ways: by using the Curve option and Normal option. Select the Normal option as of now.
  4. Create your slow mo:- Tap on the checkmark to apply the slow mo effect to your video and then save it to your gallery.

How to make a flashy slow mo in capcut?

Here in this part of the tutorial, you will learn how you can make flashy slow mo on capcut app using inbuilt transition features. In a flashy slow mo, we will look for a white flash, one of its inbuilt transition effects. This effect was trending some time ago so let's get started.

  1. Create a new project:- Once you open your capcut app, tap on the new project and select at least two photos or videos.
  2. Open the capcut transition menu on your screen:- The capcut transition menu is like a white button where two videos meet. When you have selected the fundamental transition, swap right to your screen to find out the white flash and then tap and select it.
  3. Adjust the duration:- After selecting the white flash, adjust the duration for which you want this effect to last. You can also apply this transition to any part of your video by just clicking on the Apply to all button from the menu. The final step is to save the video on your gallery.

We hope that this tutorial has helped you on how you can make a smooth as well as a flashy slow mo video on Capcutapk. Feel free to share any suggestions or queries in the comments section below.

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