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The process of making perfumes is depicted in many Egyptian inscriptions and clay tablets. 

The Past And Present Of Perfumery

A pleasant smell is created from aromatic compounds, essential oils, solvents, and fixatives. The Latin word per fumus, which means "through smoke", is the origin of the term. Although perfumery or perfumery was first developed in ancient Egypt, it was refined and improved upon by the Romans and Arabs. Although perfumes were used in Asia, they were made from incense. Best Attar Brands in India

The process of making perfumes is depicted in many Egyptian inscriptions and clay tablets. Tapputi from Mesopotamia was the first perfumer in the world. This chemist was mentioned in a Cuneiform tablet from the 2nd millennium BC. Cyprus was home to one of the oldest perfume-making processes. It was discovered by Italian archaeologists that a huge factory existed in the Bronze Age, which is approximately 4000 years ago. Perfumery was also a common practice in India. The main sources of fragrance were Attar and sandalwood oil. The west saw the European countries of France, England, Hungary and France as the first to try creating scents.

Angelica, Scented Agrimony and other plants and herbs were possible to be used in the creation of early perfumes. best attar brands perfumery was established at the end of the 17th century.



Perfumes' longevity and intensity are affected by the concentration and durability of the solvents. Although different perfumeries may have different compositions the fragrance is stronger as the percentage of these compounds increases. Eau de Parfum (EdP), for example, has a higher oil content than Eau de Toilette. Commercial fragrances today are made up of a mixture of chemicals and essential oils and best attar companies in India
 It is difficult to identify the ingredients accurately. Only perfume experts can identify the components of a scent. These are the basic characteristics of a perfume that determine its price:

  • Variance
  • Components
  • Uniqueness of the fragrance
  • Complexity of the smell

There are no established procedures for creating fragrances. The current ingredients can be grouped as primary scents, modifiers or blenders, fixatives, and fixatives. The main components of commercial perfumes today are essential oils, tinctures, and absolutes. Buy Mitti Attar Online

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