World of Warcraft: Time in Shadowlands really flies quickly

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I joined the guild of World of Warcraft a long time ago. The Nighthold raid made its debut a few weeks ago, and I hope to join a team before the next raid opens to the public. But at the end of the meeting, I did some homework: If I want to upgrade my weapons and participate in the next run of the guild, I need to spend more than 30 hours to run the same dungeon 80 times.

World of Warcraft has such a reputation, if the player wants it, it will swallow all your time, and it won the reputation in the earliest days. Talk to any experienced World of Warcraft player, and you will hear real addiction issues, or completely unable to play the game due to their adult commitment.
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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands began to be different. The eighth major extension of MMO subtly divides itself into mandatory content and optional content. In the real world full of other interesting video games and lack of interesting real-life responsibilities, World of Warcraft is ultimately a more manageable experience. Shadowlands brought me into the afterlife to find out why souls are not classified according to their lives. In Shadowlands, I came across four different covenants, afterlife clubs designed to serve different types of souls.

Using the Convention, I have a set of tasks to complete every week: complete some story tasks, hone some currency and take risks in the endgame area. When I completed these activities within a few hours, my status on Kyrians rose, and they let me borrow some strength. In addition to equipment, this is the most important power grind in Shadowlands-if I want to compete, I need to keep up every week. However, when I finished the covenant activities of about three to four hours a week, all my "maintenance" work for the WOW Classic Gold protagonist was completed. No matter what work I do or how many games I play, I cannot increase the power of the covenant until the weekly reset.

Now, when I enter the dungeon and finally make a raid, that will be most of the time I spend in World of Warcraft in a week, rather than the maintenance required to have my character participate in these activities in the first place. In the game, real time is gone without knowing it. Maybe this is the reason why the game is so attractive.

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