Madden 21: How to get the Captain Token

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Although madden 21 is difficult to get started due to various reasons, this does not affect its addition to an increasingly popular video rugby game. Below, we will introduce how to obtain the Captain Token in Madden 21.

Captain tokens in Madden 21 can be obtained from many different places, but only three can be used in each series, and they can also be obtained through Madden 21 Coins. If you have enough patience and can handle the task, the best (and cheapest) way to get the captain token is through the task. The first answer you can get is to complete all the initial challenges in Rivalz. This task should be simple enough, especially if you follow our MUT coin guide and pass all the easy challenges to get coins. The preliminaries are very simple, so it shouldn't be an obstacle for you.

Next, continue to challenge, and then perform "Team Affinity", complete all 16 team builder challenges for your team, and you will get the second Madden 21 Team Captain Token. This is time-consuming, but still very manageable. You can check the progress in the "Milestones" section.

The last one to get for free, and possibly the most difficult one, is to complete any team diamond suit. For this, you need three team diamonds to complete the set and obtain tokens. However, each series can only use a maximum of three, so if you want to avoid having to get three team diamonds, please consider Buy Madden 21 Coins to get the third team captain token for series 1.


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