how to distinguish a licensed casino from an unlicensed or scripted one

Hello everyone, Friends! Today I decided to file a small post, or rather instructions, on the topic "how to distinguish a licensed casino from a scripted one or from a scam".

Hello everyone, Friends! Today I decided to file a small post, or rather instructions, on the topic "how to distinguish a licensed casino from a scripted one or from a scam".


I think you all know that an online casino appeared a long time ago and at that time there was no such thing as a casino license at all. Everyone played wherever they had to on script slots, which the owners of such eateries could twist at any time. Yes, they could, they twisted them up, their recoil was negligible. This is now, when honest casinos, licensed software have appeared, the return of a single slot can be up to 98%. You can find more details in the table of RTP slots.


But with the advent of normal software and casinos, scammers have not disappeared. To this day, they offer playgrounds with scripts to players who don't understand anything about licensed software. In order to protect yourself and your deposits from fraud, I advise you to familiarize yourself with several options for checking the software, which will not take you much time.


You can find more information about casinos and licenses at the link -




We check whether the slot is licensed in an online casino or not licensed

Option. View on our website. Yes, this is the easiest option. We constantly monitor the appearance of new online casinos and publish the most normal, honest and top ones on our website in the "licensed casino" section. You just need to go to the section of the site and see if there is a club there that you decided to play.

Option. Check the slot, or rather check where the slot itself is loaded from in an online casino. It's not difficult, I've described below and given examples of how to do it. We check on the example of the firefox browser.

And so we go to the casino website, be sure to log in to your account, as it was noticed that some bad casinos load licensed software for demo games.


We open any slot of one of the top manufacturers and wait until it loads. Next, right-click anywhere in the slot and click on the "Explore Item" menu, a technical panel will open in front of you.

Next, click the iframe selection icon (see the picture below). And we look at which server the software is loaded from. On licensed casinos, it will be loaded only from the manufacturer's servers listed below:


  • Microgaming -,
  • Netent - any название
  • Endorphina -
  • Quickspin - and
  • Novomatic - and

If the slot is loaded, for example, from a casino site, as shown in the example below with a volcano, then this is a 10000% fake, scripted casino. You don't need to play in such an institution. Also, many fake sites now prohibit pressing the right button on the slot, that is, if you loaded the slot, tried to press the right mouse button, but could not, nothing happened, then you should leave this institution, there is clearly something not clean.


Option. He's not the most reliable. You can view the license on the casino's website. As a rule, to do this, you need to go to the site, scroll it down and find information about the availability of a license there. Why is this method not the most reliable? Any casino, whether it is scripted, can post fake information that is difficult to verify.



And so, friends, we have discussed with you several ways to check the casino for honesty, some of them are less reliable, some are more reliable. But undoubtedly one of them will help you protect yourself from fraud and the loss of your hard-earned money. If you are not sure that the casino is honest, then you can safely choose any institution from our rating of casinos that we ourselves have played and are constantly playing.


Good luck to everyone, big drifts and don't get smeared!


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