The 4 advantages of acupuncture clinic Western Australia

At 777 Healthcare, we focus on a holistic approach to helping you to improve your health and wellbeing; with the use of alternative medicine. 

Are you interested in alternative, traditional, and natural medicine? If you are on Mount Pleasant or western Australia, offers a wide range of services that should please you.

Specializing in cosmetic acupuncture Perth and therapeutic laser therapy, we are also renowned for its aesthetic treatments, but also osteopathy, massage therapy, and naturopathy. In this article, discover the main advantages of our acupuncture clinic Mount Pleasant.

1. A team of certified and experienced professionals:

The is above all a group of experienced professionals, each of who has their fields of interest and who have all received recognized training. Whether you want to make an appointment for an acupuncture or laser therapy session, for an aesthetic laser treatment, or a massage, you will therefore be taken care of by a professional at acupuncture clinic Perth who knows his job perfectly and who practices it with care.

2. Several disciplines that work in synergy:

As part of the treatment of chronic pain, sleep disorders, or any other ailments, it is sometimes necessary to use several different medicines for optimal results. In our clinic, we offer a great variety of treatments that allow us to follow our patients throughout their healing process.

As a patient, this makes your life easier, by allowing you to make all your appointments in one place and sometimes with the same practitioners. For us, as healthcare professionals, this allows us to have a better understanding of your situation and therefore to offer you more effective treatment.

3. Fully personalized treatments:

Each person is unique. Your experience influences your well-being and your health, both physical and mental. At, this individual approach is at the heart of our practice.

We examine each of our patients by focusing on their journey and their feelings. This way, we are doing it on a case-by-case basis, which allows us to make a fairer assessment and develop a more effective treatment.

4. A warm and caring welcome:

Being aware that undergoing treatment in a clinic is often the result of a delicate situation, involving illness, pain, or ailments, we do our best to bring joy and comfort to your appointments.

Friendly and welcoming, we make sure to receive our patients in a warm and caring environment, while always remaining professional.
In addition to this, we also have top-quality equipment for laser acupuncture Mount Pleasant, to relieve pain and speed up the healing process after injury. We are the most equipped clinic with therapeutic lasers in Western Australia.

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