Something about Fen Zeil of Star Wars The Old Republic Galactic Season 2

The season kicks off with the release of the SWTOR 7.0 Legacy of the Sith expansion.

The season kicks off with the release of the SWTOR 7.0 Legacy of the Sith expansion. Many players have already prepared in advance, and they have all bought SWTOR Credits to help them develop better in the game. Here are some of the content from Galactic Season 2.

Fen Zeil Companion Customization. Fen Zeil is a new companion reward for Galactic Season 2, the equivalent of a Kubaz named Altuur zok Adon. Players Buy SWTOR Credits with armor, only weapons and customization, like some KOTFE/KOTET companions. Some players are unhappy with this customization limit, which BioWare explains is for two reasons.

First, they wanted Fen Zeil to be recognizable at a glance, like Arcnn or Nico Okarr, and allow players to customize him the way they wanted, which undercuts that. In fact, many players don’t find Fen Zeil particularly special unless they don’t plan to make any other Duros companions or expand his role in Syndicate. So the main reason is probably to create prestige and fear of missing out on a particular season.

Second, allowing players to equip Fen with armor meant more work for BioWare, as some armors would show skins, and they didn’t want to spend the time creating those assets to support that feature. Is it really difficult for BioWare to introduce an armor tagging system or add tags to an existing system to include options like revealing clothing or hoods? Like many modern NPCs, it seems pretty straightforward to stitch his head to a normal body, just restrict him from wearing certain types of armor based on those tags. BioWare seems to prioritize Fen Zeil as a walking subscriber ad over companion customization, and some additional full-body customization is not a valid replacement. But players can still prepare enough SWTOR Credits at to get some decorations they want.


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