Madden 21 simulation: Seattle Seahawks of Washington football team

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Just as I recently purchased Madden 21 Coins from the Black Friday/Cyber ??Monday sale, I decided to simulate my real game in the next Seattle Seahawks showdown. I will play the Seahawks, and the computer will be everyone they face in week 15. The Seahawks will face off with the Washington football team on the road. The game play is as follows.

Washington won the ball at the beginning of the game, but did not make any significant progress in the opening game. In the opening game of the Seahawks, Jon Bostic intercepted Russell Wilson's pass, forcing the game to make the first mistake.

Logan Thomas caught a 22-yard pass and brought Washington to within 5 yards of the end zone, and Antonio Gibson rushed in the following game. As Thomas Davis Sr forced another interception to pass the ball back to Washington, the Seahawks' second offense did not improve. In the end, Washington rushed from Gibson to a two-yard sprint touchdown.

Guess what happened to the Seahawks in the third drive? Did you guess right? If so, then you are right because Fabian Moreau won Wilson's third interception of the game.
Jarran Reed was able to be fired with an 8-yard loss, but Terry McLaurin scored a 17-yard touchdown on the same drive. When Washington entered the red zone, Thomas fumbled for the ball, D.J. Little Reid

When the Seahawks got the ball, Chase Young forced the ball to slip out of Wilson's hands, but fortunately, the offensive line was able to save the football. McLaughlin got his second touchdown this quarter, but it was 53 yards. Wilson was trying to get the ball up the court, but he did manage to find D.K.. Metcalf kicked for 15 yards. In the following game, the ball was intercepted by Kendall Fuller. At the end of the first quarter, he had only 35 passes and 4 interceptions. After Washington regained the ball, Gibson lost the ball and Shaquille Griffin recovered it. The best way for madden players to turn the tide in the game is to Buy MUT Coins, which can also increase the chance of victory.


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