The Madden 21 player rating update in Week 14 promoted Derrick Henry and Baker Mayfield

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As the NFL approached the playoffs, fans began to watch many players make impressive efforts to help the team. These include Derek Henry of the Tennessee Giants and Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns. In the recent 14th week of "Maddy 21" player rating update, they are one of the players who have risen in the ranking. Madden 21 Coins allows you to get this role.

Two touchdowns and 215 yards sprint are crazy good results, this is the performance of Derek Henry of the Titans in Week 14. If he can, Henry has a little chance to break the single-season sprint record set by Eric Dixon. He improved a bit in Madden 21 player ratings to 95 points.

Jay Alexander of the Green Bay Packers also gained a little advantage. In the 14th week of the game, his team defeated Detroit 31:24, he won 2 singles and 3 tackles. In general, he has made outstanding contributions throughout the season, and the current 93 total ratings are his harvest. Next, it is possible to enter the playoffs.

Last but not least, the NFL player in Week 14 is Baker Mayfield. The faithful of the Cleveland Browns may have a hard time dealing with their star players, but Baker lost his heart in the MNF's Baltimore Ravens.

Mayfield completed 28 of 47 goals from 343 yards and scored two touchdowns, but he also ran one. His team fell 47-42 in an unforgettable fourth quarter. Baker's scoring rose to 83 points, while teammate Odell Beckham Jr. slipped to become Madden 21 player rating 89 OVR.

Although still one of the best teams in the NFL this season, the Pittsburgh Steelers suffered a second defeat in Week 14. Ben Roethlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) scored two touchdowns and 187 yards, shooting 21 goals with 37. However, he was also picked twice and fired with a loss of 10 yards. The bill won a 26-15 victory, while Big Ben slipped 2 points to 80 OVR.

Mike McGlinchey of the San Francisco 49ers also fell 2 points because his team has been in chaos this season. McGlinchey has been putting pressure on the right side, which hurt the team in an already difficult campaign. In Madden 21 player ratings, he is now 82 OVR.

As mentioned earlier, OBJ slipped out of a rating of 90 or higher, while Terron Armstead fell to 94 OVR. The New Orleans Saints players did not reach his usual level. The good news is that Buy Madden 21 Coins can improve these performances and Madden 21 player ratings.


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