Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Users always use the platform to express their opinions, share their life experiences and communicate with friends and family to expand their knowledge circles, regardless of their religious background, political affiliation, ethnic background and geographical location We know how important it is to provide a comfortable and secure experience for users during the time they spend on our platform. Also we consider the importance of maintaining societal standards on our platform and not violating them That is why we decided to develop a social contract that explains what is allowed and what is not allowed in the AKA Stars community Our policies are based on users interactions on our platform and the rest of the social media platforms, and we have tried to provide the best we can and the best of other platforms. Our platform is subject to the standards of human rights organizations where everyone is important (human rights, child rights, animals rights, etc.) All cases submitted to us are dealt with in detail, therefore, we may take some time to analyze your reports to decide if the pages you have reported violate community standards on our platform. Intellectual property Our platform is the first Pioneer platform in protecting copyright and intellectual property for users, and any assault on the property (such as spread it without permission or without mentioning the original publisher's name) is strictly dealt with, if it is reported and its ownership has been confirmed for each of the following cases A. Posting written content without the publisher’s permission B. Post a video which has a specific logo and cover it with another one C. Sell digital products such as books, applications, and all other software without copyright to users in the platform store User privacy To make our platform safe and comfortable for you as a user, we give you the ability to report any use or spread of your private information without your permission, such as A. Full name (such using your name in a fake profile). Note: We may ask you to verify your name details by sending a government document with the same name. B. Mail, phone number or address C. Personal photos, unless you have given permission to use them Except, Famous and public figures (philosophers, singers, poets, etc.) Pornography The platform does not allow porn posts and it takes into consideration societal standards and users interactions to assess whether the post is pornographic or not. Erotica arts are excluded. Bullying And because we live in a world where there are many bullies who affect the psychological state of many people and cause them depression so bullying on our platform is a violation of society’s standards, even if the bullies are majority. Our platform also prevents posting any materials related to the following list Weapons and contraband trading Posting articles related to suicide or self-harm, including pictures, videos, or written posts Violence or terrorism in all its forms Blackmailing or threatening anyone, and in this case it is recommended to inform us and inform the authorities which is responsible for cybercrime in your country Spreading false news in order to intimidate a certain group. (You have to verify the news or provide reliable sources) Post fake contests to get more follower