Terms of Use

Terms of Use Terms of Use Welcome to Aka Stars. We hope our services will meet all your needs. Aka Stars was launched by I.C.Tech Partners Company. We don’t charge you to use AkA Stars. AkA Stars builds technologies and services that enable you to connect with people, develop your business, display ads or promote a service whether it is profitable or charitable. AkA Stars uses user interactions to direct interest-funded ads to let you receive offers, news, data and everything you care about as a user. And to reach specific audience that interested in what you share as an advertiser. We guarantee that your personal data will not be shared or sold in any way (such as your number, email address, private messages or other contact information). We also guarantee your privacy and full freedom of expression when usingAkA Stars. Enjoy complete and absolute freedom of communication. AkA Stars uses end-to-end encryption technology so a third party cannot access your personal conversations. The site uses cookies to save the session for thirty days in order to provide faster access. ThroughAkA Stars platform you can create public pages and private and closed groups to display your contect comfortably and transparently . AkA Stars is the first global platform that offers you profits for your interactions, the time you spend in it, and the number of friends you invite. What are the paid services in AkA Stars We give you the opportunity to upgrade your account in exchange for a sum of money; you can then verify your account, in addition to know who visited your profile and the ability to advertise through the points that you will get when you upgrade your account. AkA Stars platform Provides you with funded advertising feature to reach a larger audience for your paid products, talent or services. The site is committed to provide all the paid features to its recipients provided that they adhere the site policy and not to violate it.